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About Us


​The Feinberg Law Group is a law firm with over 35 years of experience which primarily focuses its practice on generalized business matters, landlord/tenant disputes, personal injury actions, and collections.
We are a Los Angeles based firm that assists our clients with issues arising from Landlord Tenant disputes and Civil Actions.  If you are a landlord in need of an eviction attorney look no further than the lawyers at The Feinberg Law Group.
Some common landlord tenant issues we assist small businesses and clients with are: Unlawful Detainer Actions (Evictions), Non-Payment of Rent, Nuisance Concerns, Subletting, Breach of Contract, Habitability issues, as well as Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica Rent Control Ordinances.
Additionally at The Feinberg Law Group, we specialize in the collection of commercial business debts and consumer debts with an emphasis on judgment collections.  If someone owes you money, we can collect! We have a over 30 years of experience in collecting debts and enforcing judgments.
The attorneys at The Feinberg Law Group are here to assist you through the legal process, which as we understand can be both an overwhelming and complicated process.  We believe however that with our experience and guidance that the process will seem less daunting to you and hopefully we can exceed your expectations.
Areas of Practice
Landlord Tenant Disputes
Personal Injury
General Business Disputes
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The Feinberg Law Group
18075 Ventura Blvd. Suite 207
Encino, CA 91316